Aim & Scope

The primary aim of the journal is to dispense a platform for students, scholars, researchers, professionals, and industrialists to share their findings and research contribution in an open-access manner. PD focuses on the enhancement of knowledge and sharing it among all worldwide. The published content in the form of papers will extend the knowledge of the current researchers and motivate the beginners in the diversified fields of pathology, clinical investigations showing mechanisms of pathogenesis, future mechanistic inquiries and drug delivery and drug development technology. PD is abided to publish only high-quality research papers of different categories original research articles, review articles, survey articles, case studies, technical notes, and short communication. The PD is determined to accept the research outputs on the current topics having high social implications.

Scope of PD

PD is an interdisciplinary refereed international journal focusing on all aspects of pathology and medicine. PD aims to reach a level of predictive capability that firmly complements the traditional pillars of experimentation and theory. PD invites all sorts of original, unpublished high-quality research manuscripts on human diseases and relevant experimental models that use cellular, molecular, biochemical & immunological approaches in conjunction with morphology, and manuscripts that report new diagnostic methods or analytical systems and their application in studies of disease pathogenesis and diagnosis.

All study related to bone and soft tissue pathology, dermatopathology, biochemistry, biology & genetic, infectious diseases, microbiology, pathology & hepatopathology, endocrine pathology, ent & ophthalmic pathology, gynecologic & breast pathology, molecular pathology, nephropathology, neuropathology, neuroscience and anatomy, oncology & hematology, oral pathology, pediatric pathology, surgical pathology, diagnostic pathology and uropathology.

Drug System

Advanced drug systems and their innovative service to human health, drug delivery, drug policy, drug practices, drug discovery, drug approvals, drug use behavior and drug development technology. The most cutting-edge studies on controlled release, bioavailability and drug absorption, nanomedicines, gene delivery, tissue engineering, hot subjects connected to manufacturing processes and quality control are also invited. The journal also covers novel elements of all pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Analytical toxicology, regenerative medicine, biochemical pharmacology, chinese medicine resources, clinical pharmacology, ethnopharmacology, health informatics, herbal medicine, immunopharmacology, medical informatics, medicinal chemistry and pharmacognosy, molecular pharmacology, neuropsychopharmacology,  pharmaceutical care, pharmaceutics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenomics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology and neuroimaging, pharmacotherapy, pharmacy informatic, pharmacy practice , etc…

Bioscience and Biotechnology

Aerobiology, anthropology, biochemical genetics, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biological engineering, biological evolution, biomathematics, biophysics, biostatistics, botany, cytobiology, developmental biology, ecology, entomology, enzyme engineering, genetic engineering, genetics, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, nano-bioanalysis, neurobiology, pathology, physiology, protein engineering, radiation biology, virology, zoology, etc…

Diseases Identification

Air and water pollution on the health of individuals and epidemiology, carpal tunnel syndrome, computer vision syndrome, food poisoning, hazardous materials, indoor air quality, ionizing radiation from x-rays, lead poisoning (leaded gasoline, paint, and plumbing), medical waste, mercury poisoning, respiratory diseases, occupational health and industrial diseases, teeth and jaw diseases, radiation base diseases, radon gas exposure, squamous cell carcinoma, toxic chemical exposure, vector control, water-borne diseases, acquired clotting disorders, blood related diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic inflammatory lung diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, influenza and other respiratory viruses, pleural cavity diseases, pulmonary vascular diseases, restrictive lung diseases,  behavioural science, cognitive neuroscience, neuropharmacology and psychopharmacology, neurotoxicology, psychiatry, etc…